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Play kits encourage
creativity and learning
Open-ended toys that your kids will play for years

Create & Imagine

Children see magic because they look through it. Avery&Ruth Play kit are designed to foster children's imagination by embracing Waldorf education philosophy.

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Brain Growth

Our open-ended play kits allow your child's brain to develop through pretend play, and STEM activities for toddlers for them to explore a variety of thinking skills that boost both their logic, spatial awareness from an young age.

Sensory Play

Avery & Ruth playthings are designed to develop a child's senses and fine motor skills. They are also made with 100% natural materials that are sustainable and organic.

enabling child-led play

We believe that toys should be used to nourish their senses and inspire child-led imaginative play. Inspired by Waldorf education, it usually involves simple materials that can be used in a variety of different (and creative) ways as your child discovers their placeΒ in the world.

Sensory Play Toys | Avery&Ruth

sensory activity kits

Sensory play and fine motor activities help kids build nerve connections in the brain and encourages cognitive abilities. Our sensory play kits are natural, sustainable that provide years of play.

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Responsibly Sourced and Tested

We use wood that is certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. All our wood is sealed with a non-toxic, eco-friendly finish. All the kits are CSPC and CPC certified.

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Avery&Ruth play silk

100% silk. Each set comes with Mindfulness Activities ideas.

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Love from moms around the world 🌎

We love natural toys that promote mindfulness. My 7-year old loved it so much, he has been using it every single day!

Natalie Barnett
🌈 @mymountainwide

We decided to take our silk and climbing triangle outside. Having the triangle with the space playsilk makes our little one really excited. He has so much fun climbing and
"jumping" into space!

🌈 @entertainmytoddler

We set up the fun Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory and STEM play with the play silk and caterpillars life cycle cards. The kids had a blast! Love the quality!

Taylor Watt
🌈 @comppletemomsense

We are all about learning through play. This kit is perfect for imaginative play.

🌈 @land_of_littles

I am obsessed with rainbows and wooden toys! Kids have been using the play silk for costume play, natural color sorting with leaves and flowers, and using it as a wrapping cloth for their dolls. It has been so much fun!

🌈 @hugh_mj

Mindfulness help kids build key skills like focus and self-control. And the kits provide perfect ways to introduce this concept to the kids.

🌈 @gear4littles

I am always looking for ways to provide open ended play for my daughter and enjoy watch her problem solve. We absolutely love the kit. It's ideal for building towers, stacking ups, and landscapes.

🌈 @welcometohouseglover

Learning through play is what we believe as both of our boys are homeschooled! The kit is perfect to practice mindfulness and pretend play. We love it!

🌈 @irishtwinmommy

There is something magical about this play silk. Especially for a little one in a Cinderella dress. It's so beautiful and we love it!

🌈 @pinchoprek