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inspire the imaginary journey
Inside avery&ruth crate

- An open-ended and 100% natural and eco conscious toy set that grows with age

- Step-by-Step illustrated and laminated mindfulness journey guide

- Gratitude challenge to build early habit

- Science discovery though STEM activity

- Tips and tools for the parents

- Printable version will also be sent to you for you to reuse and share among siblings.

Part of the proceeds goes to the foundation supporting survivors of child sexual abuse.

Kacie Ball

Years of Play

Unlike other boxes, you use it for a month and that's it. Avery&Ruth kits can be played in so many ways and used over and over!

Sample boxes

Plus hands-on STEM Activity, Gratitude Challenge, and Step-by-Step Mindfulness Activities for kids and families. Learn More

Responsibly Sourced and Tested

We use wood that is certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. All our wood is sealed with a non-toxic, eco-friendly finish. All the kits are CSPC and CPC certified.

How does it Work?


Our mindfulness club has something for all ages.
Young children work alongside an adult, while older kids and teens indulge their open-ended curiosity! And it's perfect for kids with special needs.

imagine & practice

A new open-ended kit is delivered to your doorstep every month. 
Each kit features a new mindfulness theme! We also email you a shopping list prior to delivery. 


Enjoy the kit and activities in different way Kids develop new emotional skills and self awareness while enjoying the imaginative play. The entire family can enjoy quality mindfulness moments together.

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Discover 100% natural toys and purposeful activities that nurture the brain and the minds.

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Love from moms around the world 🌎

We love natural toys that promote mindfulness. My 7-year old loved it so much, he has been using it every single day!

Natalie Barnett
🌈 @mymountainwide

We decided to take our silk and climbing triangle outside. Having the triangle with the space playsilk makes our little one really excited. He has so much fun climbing and
"jumping" into space!

🌈 @entertainmytoddler

We set up the fun Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory and STEM play with the play silk and caterpillars life cycle cards. The kids had a blast! Love the quality!

Taylor Watt
🌈 @comppletemomsense

We are all about learning through play. This kit is perfect for imaginative play.

🌈 @land_of_littles

I am obsessed with rainbows and wooden toys! Kids have been using the play silk for costume play, natural color sorting with leaves and flowers, and using it as a wrapping cloth for their dolls. It has been so much fun!

🌈 @hugh_mj

Mindfulness help kids build key skills like focus and self-control. And the kits provide perfect ways to introduce this concept to the kids.

🌈 @gear4littles

I am always looking for ways to provide open ended play for my daughter and enjoy watch her problem solve. We absolutely love the kit. It's ideal for building towers, stacking ups, and landscapes.

🌈 @welcometohouseglover

Learning through play is what we believe as both of our boys are homeschooled! The kit is perfect to practice mindfulness and pretend play. We love it!

🌈 @irishtwinmommy

There is something magical about this play silk. Especially for a little one in a Cinderella dress. It's so beautiful and we love it!

🌈 @pinchoprek

Frequently Asked Questions

Avery&Ruth is for kids 2 to 7 or older. The beauty of the open-ended item is that you can use it for anything. And it's what the box is for.

Young children can enjoy various games and experiments alongside an adult. Kids and teens can explore their curiosity and take on an exciting role in creating new games and pretend play. We’ve heard from many families with teens who enjoy playing with Avery&Ruth toys but it depends on their creativity! :-)

Starter crate ship in 5 working days. The following crates ship monthly between the 1-5th of each month. It typically takes 3-5 days to arrive a U.S. address.

30th or 31st is the last day to order the box of the month!

It depends on the theme of each kit. As it is very a versatile plaything, you will most likely receive the play silk of different sizes over half of the year.

We do!

Shipping Worldwide is $15 USD per month Please be aware that all goods imported into Canada from the US are also subject to a 5% GST tax and possibly other taxes and customs charges depending on your province.

Avery&Ruth is not responsible for paying additional taxes, duties, and tariffs imported into other country.

You get more items and better value every month as a Avery&Ruth club member! But if you are ready to subscribe yet, feel free to buy individual box!

Mindfulness and Sensory Play have been shown to have positive outcomes for families of children with autism, SPD, and delayed learning by:

--Decreasing challenging behaviors in children by modeling coping strategies and building acceptance of each moment.

--Increasing physiological and psychological well-being in parents through stress reduction.Improving relationships by changing the ways we respond to difficult situations.

We offer activities that can be used in the therapy, playdate, or homeschooling that are designed to benefit the growth that can work for both kids of normal development or with special needs. Our educators are have combined experiences in psychotherapy, occupational therapy, and teaching experiences for kids with SPD, delayed learning and autism.

Children who are encouraged to play with the same object in a number of different ways develop the kind of flexible thinking that can consider a problem from a number of different perspectives.