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MIndfulness activities for kids and tips for toddler and baby brain development

about avery and ruth

Hello, I am Tanya!
My whole life was changed when I gave birth for the first time after the age of 40. I became aware that I would be almost 60 when my daughter starts college. Wanting to stay sharp and engaged in my daughter’s life, I embarked on a journey to study how the human brain works and develops.

Avery&Ruth was born when I learned that baby’s logic and reasoning develop before their language skills. Many study show that 85% of baby’s brain is formed by the age of 3. Read more

As the healthiness of the society is contributed by community support, sympathy, and inclusiveness. Your purchase will go to the education of children around the world. Read more


The essential ingredient in a child’s brain development is created by parents. Baby brain architecture
can be developed through actual conversations and daily activities.
TIP: Let your child learn cause and effect and “contribute” to the house chores by letting them
turning on/off the light or faucet and placing the dish into the dishwasher.

Get tips to improve your toddler's brain development

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I love the mindfulness activitiesΒ for kids and the activities that family can do togetherΒ that I can use when my kid grow older!Β 

@Besty Walsh
Berthoud, CO

A perfect toy to practice the fine motor skills, pretend play. Just imgaine!Β 

@Reilly G.
Greenbrae, CA

My daughter loves to play with the calm mind set before going to bed. We count blessings and pray together every night.

@Aubrey Parker
Iona, ID

I didn’t know how a simple wood object can help our baby’s brain development and now I got it, I wish I got them earlier for my first born!Β 

@Monica Liu
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