Open-Ended Toys for Mindfulness

Play Silk and Wooden Blocks to cultivate mindfulness and brain development, for toddlers and babies

Welcome to Avery&Ruth

We are here to inspire a learning journey that empowers each child’s creativity, brainpower, and ability to reflect, sympathize at an early age. By guiding kids through various open-ended play and mindfulness practices, we can embolden a more conscious and inclusive generation. Our products are designed and shipped sustainably. We are a women-led business based in California.

XL play silk
with 4 Wooden play clips

Calm Mind play silk
wooden block kit


What We Care About

Mindfulness Activities for kids

Inclusion & Empathy

Mindfulness is Kindness. Our goal is to instill a conscious perspective, leading to greater acceptance and curiosity in young kids. By engaging in these conversations at a young age, we are able to solidify an appetite for future generations.

Wooden building blocks


10 minutes a day interacting with your kids do wonders to your kid's growth. That's why offer various digital materials that are free and easily shareable. So teachers, therapists, social workers, and caretakers can access and do the same activities. There are many ways to keep the inner journey of our child.

Baby Brain Development

Brain Development

The experience of play changes the connections of the neurons at the front end of your brain. It encourages imagination and fosters social skills, Our goal is to create products that encourage child-directed play, catalyze imaginatively and grows with age. We have gathered latest research findings and activities ideas foryou

Toys inspired by nature


We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing our impact on the environment. As a small step forward, we source fully-sustainable and recycled materials for our products and choose the carbon neutral shipping program to ship the products to you.


MIndfulness activities for kids and tips for toddler and baby brain development

Our story

Hello, I am Tanya!

My whole life was changed when I gave birth for the first time after the age of 40. I became aware that I would be almost 60 when my daughter starts college. Wanting to stay sharp and engaged in my daughter’s life, I embarked on a journey to study how the human brain works and develops.

Avery&Ruth was born when I learned that baby’s logic and reasoning develop before their language skills. Many studies show that 85% of a baby’s brain is formed by the age of 3. Read more

As the healthiness of the society is contributed by community support, sympathy, and inclusiveness. Your purchase will go to support flight children sex trafficking. Read more

Get tips to improve your toddler's brain development

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