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Play Silk 101: Ways to play

Flying with play silks.

20+ play ideas and mindfulness activities you can enjoy with play silk

Colorful patterns flying so lightly in the air and too smooth to touch.

These are only what we see.

But our little ones see it as milky way, wilderness, a kingdom and so on and so forth.

To our kids these play silks are everything.

So what is a play silk and what’s in it that makes my youngling bargained for it so hard last Christmas?

What is a play silk?

Well, it is a piece of cloth. (Yes, that’s it!)

The material is 100% silk that makes it so light and smooth. It comes in different colors, patterns and sizes.

Play silk became a staple in Waldorf-based education because of its versatility. It promotes open-ended and imaginative play.

It can also enhance fine and gross motor skills, language development and sensory exploration.

What’s more amazing about this play silk?

It is a great companion for mindfulness activities for kids.

Key Takeaway: Play silks are essentials in Waldorf-inspired education because it enhances arts and imagination.

How to play with play silk?

To be honest, I don’t know where to start for there are too many.

When I hand it over to my child, she already know what to do with it, while I was still thinking what to play it with.

And I was amazed, when she wrapped it around with her baby doll.

As I’ve said there are too many ways to enjoy play silk.

And to give you a head start, we have some play ideas and mindfulness activities you can enjoy with your little one.

  • Cape. Be it a supehero, a royal or a fairy. Look at their faces as they feel powerful, brave, and strong.
  • Create a jungle or ocean. Explore the wilderness, even in your backyard, with their favorite land or sea animals.
  • Wave a flag. Tie it on a stick or hold it with their tiny hands. Let them run with it and feel the weightlessness of the play silk.
  • Smooth slide. The smoothness of its texture is a perfect slide for cars, balls or anything. See the excitement on their faces as it glide fast and smooth.
  • Swaddle a baby. Be amaze as I was. I never thought that my little girl already know how to take care of a much little version of her!
  • Fort Building Kits. Kids, not only adults, loves to have their own space. It gives them the freedom to create or decorate it according to their preferences.
  • Meditation mat. The feel of the play silk is a perfect way to find your center during a meditation. It is one of the most beneficial mindfulness activities for kids.
  • Hiding place. Create a tunnel or a cave with your giant play silk. For smaller play silk, you can make it a carryall bag for their favorite things
  • Reading nook. Aside from fort building kits, reading nook is a great place for our child to be on their own space. It is also an opportunity to build up their vocabulary.
  • Calm Corner. Another way to play with fort building kits. As one of the highly recommended mindfulness activities for kids, this helps them to regulate their emotions. Place an emotion/feelings chart to help them identify and talk about their feelings. (I have a strong feeling that I need to be here once in a while!)
  • A Treehouse. Giant play silk and fort building kits are perfect getaway! Tie it on tree branches and ta-da, your kid got his own place. It is a great opportunity to teach your child mindfulness activities through nature.

Above ideas and activities are only a few among the limitless ways to enjoy play silk.

We have prepared more activities you and your kids can enjoy in our Activity page.

Avery & Ruth’s Fort Building Kits and Calm Mind Set has more. Every set has a play idea and mindfulness activities card that we can explore with our little ones.

Key Takeaway: Let your child take the lead in exploring the different ways to enjoy play silk.

Why play silk?

I know I already mentioned the benefits of this play silk but I want to share more.

Since day one with this magical toy, not only my child, but I’ve been enjoying it as well.

Here are few reason why you should maximize this beautiful piece of cloth:

  1. Enhances creativity. As our kids engage in pretend or imaginative play they constantly think of ways to entertain themselves or maximize the toy at hand.
  2. Build up communication skills. Of course this will be helpful if they have playmates. I enjoy being my “Queen’s” handmaid (I bet my daughter enjoys it more bossing me around)
  3. Practices mindfulness. The patterns, texture and movement of the play silk is enough to become a mindfulness tool. What more if we add up mindfulness activities with it?
  4. Perfect for open-ended play. Can you imagine how a single toy can keep my child busy for hours? When I said that there are limitless ways to play with it, I meant it!

It is said that having fun is not about the quantity but quality.

Our kids will not remember how expensive are the toys they were given but the moments and experiences they had with that toy.

Play silk are gaining popularity among moms and kids today, not because it is a trend. But because everyone who has it can affirm the magic it brings.

As for me, I must say that my daughter made the right decision to fight for it last Christmas.

It’s not only her loving the play silk. I love it too!

I can see how is she enjoying it and learning from it. It’s a double win for me!

Want more ideas? Here are additional 21 ways to enjoy  play silks. Learn more about mindfulness and its benefits, read here.

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