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This zen garden set of the wooden tray, sand, sea creatures, bucket, rocks,  and seaweed is perfect for SENSORY and Pretend PLAY.

  • The Ocean Zen Garden with imperfect ocean sea animals reflecting real-life injured sea animals. The 9.5×8 inches wooden tray is made of Maple wood, and the sea animals are made of resin. Price is been halved due to the broken legs during the shipping.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED MATERIALS – The set includes the wooden tray, white sand, stones, resin sea creatures, rack, bucket, and seaweed. Perfect for desktop and coffee table.
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY and LEARN TO STAY FOCUSED  The simple yet fun set allows kids and adults to practice mindfulness and extend the concentration span. Individual items can also be used for sensory bin fun, scooping and transferring, counting, and pretend play. 
  • FUN ACTIVITIES to TEACH CHILDREN ABOUT IMPACT OF PLASTIC on the ocean  While we didn’t anticipate the resin sea animals may break during transit, it makes a perfect opportunity to explain to kids how plastic does to the sea creatures and how they can help save animals by limiting the use of plastic.
  • MINDFULNESS MANUAL Each kit comes with an instructional manual for fun mindfulness activities for homeschooling, playdate, and family meditation.  Part of the proceeds goes to charity against children’s sexual abuse. 

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Product Details


Suitable for age: 4+


Maple wood tray,  sand, rake,  sea creatures, bucket and trees.
Sea animals are made of resin that may be received damaged yet can reflect as real-life injured sea animals.
Instructional Manual

Material and Care:

Dab a clean cloth into a mild soap and water solution. Gently rub to the surface and dry with clean cloth. Air dry, do not overexpose to direct sunlight.

Product Specification:

Additional information

Weight 602 g
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 6 cm

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(6 customer reviews)

6 reviews for Ocean ZEN Garden

  1. Terry Pierce

    This is great! Thought zen garden are only for grownups, but this is amazing and just right for kids! BTW, I have 5yo kid!

  2. Ellie Holmes

    Love the play ideas and mindfulness activities card. The website blogs and activities are very helpful too. I think this is a great tool in introducing mindfulness to our kids.

  3. Pearl L.

    Saw this and thought of buying it just for myself, but then I felt guilty of not sharing it to my kids (haha). So now, it’s on top of our counter, for everyone to run to when quiet time is needed!

  4. Kris Sanders

    Should have read properly 🙁 sea animals were broken. It could have been a perfect decor for our beach-themed party.

  5. Martha Bloom

    We moved to a new place, where beach is so far. We all miss the beach and this came! We love it!

  6. Dawn Mather

    It’s amazing how a single set can do so much with our kids overall development. All their toys are well-thought! We need more toys like this!

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