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Toys that promote MINDFULNESS 16-piece set includes 3 bowls and 12 mushrooms at 3 different sizes. All made of maple woods.

  • FUN ACTIVITIES FOR EVERY STAGE Used for Sorting, Counting, Matching, but also Pouring, Sensory Bin Objects, such as Mushroom Farm, or Trading when your kids set up the Market Stand. It’s designed with 10+ fun and learning activities that range in complexity to meet every stage of your child’s growth from 9 months to 4+ years.
  • UNLOCK STEM LEARNING Sorting and matching is the first step in applying STEM CONCEPTS such as logical thinking to objects. It facilitates the development of fine motor learning and cognitive ability. The skill can be applied to both mathematical concepts as well as daily life.
  • PLEASE ONLY BUY THEM IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE SIZES Each wooden toy is designed to fit into toddlers’ hands to facilitate fine motor skills. Items are at 3-6 inches. PLEASE DO NOT BUY IF IT’S TOO SMALL FOR YOU. Take note of the sizes on the photos for your reference.
  • MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY AT YOUNG AGE It takes practice to increase kids’ attention span. These simple toys lead a young child to stay focused and calm for a long period of time. The wooden material provides a natural sense of calmness and peace.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN U.S. Created by a small family business inspired to promote natural toys from inside out. This wooden playset is packed in eco-friendly bag with mindfulness activity card. Let’s support local businesses and promote child brain development through open-ended play, all natural toys and mindfulness activities.
Mindfulness Activities for kids

Baby safe

Our products made of natural material with the eventiornaml friendly dye that is safe for the baby.

Wooden building blocks

Grow with

We believe that kids don't need a lot of toys but the ones that are open-ended and provides years of play

Baby Brain Development

Brain architecture development

Our toys are designed not only to entertain your little one but to provide learning and experience.

Toys inspired by nature

Sustainably sourced & Carbon neutral shipping

The wood is certified sustainable that is used for reforestation program and only use shipping program that meets carbon neutral criteria

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Suitable for ages 9 months to 4+ years


16-piece set includes 3 bowls and 12 mushrooms at 3 different sizes. All made of maple woods.
Each item is roughly at 3 to 6 inches. Please do not buy if they are too small for your babies!
Instructional Manual

Material and Care:

Made of birch and maple wood 
Use Magic Eraser to clean or gently rub with clean cloth in mild soap and water solution. Air dry, do not overexpose to direct sunlight.

Product Specification:

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