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A purposeful play to nurture brain development

Kitchen play for kids is one of the most loved pretend play! But there’s more to adore with this set.
Kids would have hours of play once you add them to your sensory bins!
All these purposeful play will establish cognitive skill, language, socio and emotional skills, well make that over-all brain development!

What's inside

21 Pieces Complete Sensory Play Tools

A complete set for kitchen play, Sensory scoop, and transferring fun made of wood and bamboo. 

The Only Sensory Kit You Need

More than kitchen play and role play, the tools can be used varies crafting and homeschooling activities

Kitchen Jumbo Kit

Box and Instruction Manual

Each set comes with play ideas and tons of mindfulness activities for play dates and homeschooling fun

Kitchen Play to Boost Brain Development

STEM Activities

Learn STEM through play

Counting, sorting and transferring teaches mathematical concepts like numeracy and problem solving.

Kitchen Play for brain development

Pretend play through kitchen play encourages cognitive, communication and social skills.

Kitchen Play
Pretend Play Kitchen Kit 2

Sensory play and mindfulness

Sensory play nurtures your child senses. Stimulating their senses allows them to observe, explore and focus.

Endless Pretend Play

When kids engage in pretend play they actively experiment different social roles and emotions. It encourages them to communicate and be creative.

kitchen play with friends
Pretend Play Kitchen Kit 2
Mindfulness Activities for kids

Baby safe

Our products made of natural material with the eventiornaml friendly dye that is safe for the baby.

Wooden building blocks

Grow with

We believe that kids don't need a lot of toys but the ones that are open-ended and provides years of play

Baby Brain Development

Brain architecture development

Our toys are designed not only to entertain your little one but to provide learning and experience.

Toys inspired by nature

Sustainably sourced & Carbon neutral shipping

The wood is certified sustainable that is used for reforestation program and only use shipping program that meets carbon neutral criteria

Product Details


Suitable for ages 9+ months
Small sensory bin fillers must be under parents supervision


21 pieces set includes a bowl, a cup, a rolling pin, a plate, a honey dip, a spoon, and a knife
Instructional Manual

Material and Care:

Made of birch and maple wood 
Use Magic Eraser to clean or gently rub with clean cloth in mild soap and water solution. Air dry, do not overexpose to direct sunlight.

Product Specification:

Additional information

Weight 446 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 cm

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(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for Kitchen Jumbo Learning Set

  1. Rachael

    bought it from Amazon and didn’t expect the instruction. Love that it comes with the ideas on how you can use these simple items for meditation practice and more.

  2. Amy F.

    Some pieces are so small. But still a great set overall.

  3. Sharon Harper

    Perfect for sensory bin. There are a lot of pieces, so it’s a smooth playtime for 3 kids 🙂 It’s easy to clean too!

  4. Tory Rose

    Great set! Also the website contains a lot of articles and activities which is very helpful.

  5. Olivia M.

    I wish I had one of these when I was little! It inspires me to create more sensory bin ideas for my kids.

  6. Beth Moore

    These are so cute, can’t help myself playing my little one every single time 🙂

  7. Carrie S.

    What a wonderful set! Kitchen play, sensory bin, pretend play and so much more! My girls love the bag too! It encourages them to pack away.

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