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Play Silk and Mindfulness activities

I never thought that something colorful can bring a sense of calmness, then this set came to life!
10 colorful patterns of play silk matched with 10 pieces colorful wooden blocks to spark creativity, imagination and language development through pretend play.
Our little one enjoyed the texture of the real silk and balancing the uneven shaped wooden blocks kept her quiet and focused for a long period of time.
Throw the silk up into the air, make the silk your superhero cape. wrap the wooden blocks into the silk, use the silk for peek-a-boo, form a tower with the blocks – these are just for starters. You can explore as many ideas for this is intended for open-ended play.

What's inside

Rainbow Play SIlk

4 x 3 Feet XL Play silk

Our Play Silk is made of 100% real silk. The soft texture and colorful pattern is perfect for pretend play, group play date activities, and all types of sensory play.

10 Wooden Blocks

Maple wood blocks dyed with skin-safe dyes. The style and colors of the blocks varies to match each play silk, please refer to the product images. Unicorn set has smaller blocks suitable for 3+.

Rainbow Wooden Blocks
calm mind card

Mindfulness and Play Ideas

Each set comes with play ideas and tons of mindfulness activities for play dates and homeschooling fun

Mindful play time on the go

Not just easy to carry to the park and play dates, Kids learn to pick up the toy using this bag made of recycled material.

Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Enjoy Mindfulness Activities and More Through Play

Play Silk as princess cape

Pretend Play Everyday

It can be a cape or a mermaid’s tail or a swaddle for a baby doll. Ignite imagination and creativity with endless pretend play.

Learn STEM as easy as 123

Sort, stack and count the wooden blocks. Let your little engineer or architect build a tower or race track.

Fort building kit outdoors
Treehouse calm mind play silk

Play for the babies

Hear your babies giggle with a peek a boo game or hide anything in the play silk for some magic tricks.

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Balance the uneven shaped wooden blocks or feel the light texture of the play silk will encourage your child to observe, focus and stay calm.

dinosaur play silk as cape
bubblegum play silk for baby brain development
Mindfulness Activities for kids

Baby safe

Our products made of natural material with the eventiornaml friendly dye that is safe for the baby.

Wooden building blocks

Grow with

We believe that kids don't need a lot of toys but the ones that are open-ended and provides years of play

Baby Brain Development

Brain architecture development

Our toys are designed not only to entertain your little one but to provide learning and experience.

Toys inspired by nature

Sustainably sourced & Carbon neutral shipping

The wood is certified sustainable that is used for reforestation program and only use shipping program that meets carbon neutral criteria


Product Details


0+ Wooden Blocks are safe for the children. Unicorn set has smaller blocks suitable for 3+.
12m + The Play Silk can be played for anything but for small babies, parents supervision is advised


4×3 Feet Play Silk
10 Maple wood blocks dyed with skin-safe dyes
Instructional Manual

Material and Care:

Maple wood blocks dyed with skin-safe dyes
Play Silk – Hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Air dry and iron on medium heat.
Wooden Blocks – Dab a clean cloth into a mild soap and water solution. Gently rub to the surface and dry with clean cloth. Air dry, do not overexpose to direct sunlight.

Product Specification:

Additional information

Weight 510 g
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 4 cm
Available In

Astronaut, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, Dinosaur, Fairies, Knight, Mermaid, Rainbow, Treehouse, Unicorn

Customers also bought

(18 customer reviews)

18 reviews for Play Silk Calm Mind Set

  1. Tina S.

    A great buy! Kids are having so much fun and creativity.

  2. Jen Patrick

    Very fast delivery but the box was slightly damaged probably in transit. Good thing it comes with a nice bag 🙂

  3. Brie Dowell

    Thought the play silk was small, but it isn’t, a perfect size for my 3yo. In just one day it turned into a cape, a baby blanket, flag and she’s sleeping with it right now. This is one of my best buys!

  4. Rachel D.

    Beautiful patterns, very lightweight and smooth. Perfect for dress up and costumes. Planning to use it as gift wrapper for my niece’s birthday next month. Surely she’ll love it more than the gift I already bought.

  5. Jenna Go

    Love this! Wish they ship to other countries!

  6. Becky L.

    Will definitely order again, it’s difficult to choose on the beautiful patterns.

  7. Natalie Barett

    My eldest received it as a gift from her Grandma. Thought of buying my daughter’s friends for Christmas, and it was a great decision. They’re all loving it and talking about it all the time.

  8. Paula Steven

    I gave it as gift last Christmas to all my little grandchildren, and everybody’s so happy and can’t stop saying thank you.

  9. Jillian L.

    The mindfulness activities on the card are so helpful. A great way to teach kids mindfulness.

  10. Angela

    This is brilliant! I practice mindfulness and never imagined that I can teach my child too in a fun playful way. Love the ways to play card included in the box, the ideas they share on their website and the eco-friendly bag, makes it easy to carry everywhere. I felt I am happier than my daughter (sorry!)

  11. Lisa Jennings

    Not just the play silk, but the wooden blocks are so pretty as well. The sizes are just right for my toddler’s hand. He loves doing magic tricks hiding things under the play silk.

  12. Anna Kinsley

    Brings out so much fun and creativity!

  13. Diana Lin

    The blocks are bit small, not safe for kids that still putting everything in their mouth, like mine! So have to keep the blocks for now but play silk is a winner!

  14. Tracy M.

    My boy love the blocks! He loves the uneven shapes and how he can stack and balance it. I guess the play silk’s for Mama, loving it too!

  15. Kristine Tan

    We love it! Even my eldest, he’s 9 and he enjoys stacking the blocks and our 6mo baby, giggles with peekaboo with the play silk. There’s a play idea for everyone.

  16. Mary Knowles

    The prints and blocks are so vibrant. The play and mindfulness ideas are great guide for beginners on mindfulness practice.

  17. Patty M.

    A must-have for mindful parents! The website has a lot of mindfulness tips and activities too!

  18. Alyssa Donaldson

    Within just a week my daughter turned the play silk into so many things. His younger brother enjoys the blocks as well.

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