Maria Montessori

The child, making use of all that he finds around him, shapes himself for the future. - Maria Montessori - 

Sensory play. stem. Mindfulness v.s. Brain

Practicing motor abilities from a young age helps foster children’s intellect. The coordinated efforts of the brain and muscles have direct impacts on how well children acquire and demonstrate knowledge.

Engaging children in hands-on activities involving play-dough, painting, sponges, and scooping objects goes a long way in stimulating neural development.

Mindfulness activities are an effective way to help students self-regulate and process their rich emotional experiences. Furthermore, when students become more mindful, it opens the path towards improved executive function skills that have proven to be instrumental in helping children succeed in life.

Executive function skills represent a variety of skills needed to overcome obstacles and make good choices.

They include the ability to focus attention when needed and for as long as it is needed to complete the task, learning from mistakes, coordinating activities, planning for the future, managing emotions, and behavior. Our children need these skills to navigate the increasingly complex situations life will throw their way.

These concepts are the very backbone of the Montessori Method. Like STEM, Montessori is more than just raw materials and factual knowledge. It is a process and method of teaching and learning that empowers all children the tools with which to learn, while placing the responsibility and ownership of learning on the student.

STEM, like Montessori, is about doing. It’s about building and creating – using scientific-backed approaches and thought processes to solve real-world problems in a project-based, experiential learning environment.

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