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Avery&Ruth is a toolkit for future empathetic world leaders. Weโ€™re taking kids on a journey through child-led and open-ended play to spark creativity, gain independence, self-awareness.

Our goal is to empower children to become more creative, empathetic, and mindful as they grow into the leaders of the next generation.

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The concept of Avery&Ruth began when I was pregnant for the first time at the age of 40. I want my daughter to see me as a friend and advisor when she goes to college. To ensure that I will stay sharp as I grow older, I started to learn about the surprising power of our brain and what we can do to enhance our cognitive abilities.

I also discovered how open-ended play and practice mindfulness can do wonder for both of our brain and our kids'.

Our goal is to nurture early child brain development through a wide range of disciplines such as Montessori, STEM learning, Occupational Therapy, and Mindfulness Practice.

We all want our children to have a fun childhood while helping them develop confidence, creativity, and maximizing their brain growth. That's why we created Avery & Ruth: to support child's imaginary journey towards positive early habits without all the stress.

Discover and enjoy open-ended and eco-conscious products that share YOUR values and help your child grow.

We also commit to support survivors of child sexual abuse.

A portion of all proceeds will go towards supporting survivors or foundations with the same mission.

- Tanya