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Mindfulness Activities for Kids

The natural feel of Play Silk creates a spark

That shows them mindfulness and endless play

Silk sail in hand, on journeys they will embark

Through Waldorf Method they learn so much more

About themselves and about the world

Using all their senses creates thoughts galore

Coloring pages with no boundaries

Experiencing interactions with silk flags unfurled

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Materials needed

  • A Quiet Mind 

  • Marker

  • Play Silk

  • A book (Optional)

  • Wooden Clips (Optional)

  • Color Suppliers(Optional) 

How to play

  • Follow the path to mindfulness.
  • Mark each activity you made along the way. 
  • Shout us on IG with hashtag #MYMINDFULCHILDAR
  • Use the image as the coloring pages

BINGO time & coloring page

Let's Pretend Play

with more printable coloring pages

Place the play silk in the hand of a child

Without giving limits of what to do

See their imagination run free and wild

Such amazing worlds they can show you

GOOD for ⟶ #PRETENDPLAY Mindfulness  #braindevelopment  #socialskills #sparkimagination #playsilks #coloringpages

Material needed

  • A4 paper or Cardboard 

  • Marker 

  • Coloring Supplies 

  • Printer  (Optional)

  • Scissors (Optional)

How to play

  • Mark the activity you have done or Draw or snap a photo of your activity

  • Make at least 3 straight lines

  • Woohoo! You’ve got it! 

  • Snap a pic and share with us with hashtag #MymindfulchildAR

  • Color the rest of the characters! 

Get Sensory Ideas and Fun Mindfulness Activities In Your Inbox

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