For a long time, we thought children sex trafficking is just teenagers engaging in sexual activities

It only just came to our attention that not only it is happening right in our neighborhood, bay area, it also happens in many foster home, and kids who were abused are as young as 1 and 2 year old who ensure the lasting impact in the lives. 

We decided that a portion of every one of your Avery&Ruth purchases – no matter how big or small – would help children sex abuse survivors and fight against children sex trafficking

Learn the story of the survivor and join the fight here. 

Mindfulness is kindness

Research links kindness with joyfulness. The researcher at Harvard further demonstrates that leader who project warmth are
more effective as it accelerates trust. Starting from today, teach our little ones with compassion, it will not only bring them more
positive vibes but will prepare them to be an effective leader.

Get ideas of mindfulness activities for kids

Why children and why raising the awareness?  Because it’s reported that they don’t know who they can trust as they are abused by the authorities as part of the trafficking ring


 We support Thorn that use technology to defend children from sexual abuse.   Learn what we believe and our goal through  our story here.


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