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When I was pregnant for the first time at 40, I learnt everything I could to stay sharp all the way through my daughter going to college and it was when I learnt the benefits of being mindful.  Avery&Ruth was born as I was looking for ways to maximize my daughter’s brain development and practice mindfulness in all things.  Since mindfulness is about kindness, we also believe deeply in inclusivity. Proceeds from our sales will go toward organizations like Thorn, a group developing technology to fight sex trafficking of children, and smallish organizations that provide healing works for survivors.   Thank you for being part of making a difference. 

Different patterns and colors.
🌈 Creating revenue while creating contents you love


Have children between 0-9  Boy or Girl, new babies, different racial are welcome

Take bright, clean and quality pictures See our preferred style here. A short video will be the bs4t

Let us use the pictures across our social media and product pages.  

Promote our brands x 2, also tag @Avery.and.Ruth, and #MymindfulchildAR 

We appreciate you ❤️


2 x Monthly Shop Credits to spend on anything you want 

Extra Free items from the news collection (yes, it will be absolutely free) 

10% Discount code for friends and family, and your audience during the promotion period   

10% of all sale in our entire collection, paid out 45-69 days after the sale.  

5% of sale from our Amazon Store. 

Contributing to the cause of fighting children trafficking and the healing sessions for the survivors 

Free play kit for your audience, by invitation only

All natural and sustainable packaging.
Mindfulness activities for kids makes them happy and focus.
One size doesn't fit all

ARE WE a good fit?

Are our Products for your audience?   Our ethos is that we don’t need a lot of toys but we love toys that are sustainable, open ended and grow with age.  Our focus is play silk and sensory toys.  Are they of the interests of your audience? 

Educational and Fun   We love insightful contents that help facilitate the brain growth and/or practice the mindfulness. We also love practical daily activity and activities using recycling materials. 

U.S. only for now   While our buyers are not just in the U.S., we are focusing on the U.S. market especially we are dealing with the challenges due to Covid. 

one size doesn't fit all

How to enter

Follow us @Avery.and.Ruth   and like our post 

Fill the appliaton  We believe in inclusivity and diversity and people should have equal rights.  We also feel strongly that there shouldn’t be any gun at schools.  If it’s not for you if it’s not what you believe.   

Long Term  We are looking for collaborators with the long term relationships, not just one-time collab.  Please only apply if you feel the same.  

See the rainbow in the ground.



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