Teach Love and Unity

Teach Our Children Love and Inclusivity #TimetoSpreadLOVE

Such tumultuous times the world is in Opens doors for lessons to be taught When children are young and open-minded They accept each other without second thoughts Color, race, and disabilities matter not Because they instinctively sense their similarities They all like to play, to laugh, to imagine True innocence in a world full of […]

10 Activities that optimize the growth of your 12 month old baby

Recent research on 12 week old baby milestones and which activities and baby sensory toys promote optimal motor, language, and social skills. Before choosing Montessori baby toys for your infant, find out what new studies have to say about nurturing your baby’s brain. This is it, mommas!  The beginning of the golden period of adorable […]

rainbow rice, peas and wooden toys

How STEM, Montessori, and Mindfulness Work Together for Kids’ Brains

Answer to FAQ about Montessori toys and activities suitable for your child’s age As parents, we are always trying to do our best for our children, so when it comes to their development we make sure to do everything we can to help them along. I don’t know about you, but as a mom I’m […]

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