Baby brain development at 18 months can be nurtured with Montessori toys.

15 Simple Sensory Activities that Teach Mindfulness

Activities with Montessori toys to make learning a fun experience for your little ones The toddler stage is probably one of the most exciting stages in childhood. Your child is now in full control of his body, getting a better grip on his speech and becoming more aware of his emotions. He is also super […]

Play Silk Open Ended Play

25 Open-Ended Play | A Guide to Enjoy Our Play Silk Fort Building Kits

Explore kids fort ideas that are fun, educational, and teaches mindfulness Do you ever look at your kids, from your comfortable spot on the couch pretending to not exist so that they keep playing, and wonder: should I be doing something to make this a purposeful play? And what about mindfulness? What can I do […]

rainbow rice, peas and wooden toys

How STEM, Montessori, and Mindfulness Work Together for Kids’ Brains

Answer to FAQ about Montessori toys and activities suitable for your child’s age As parents, we are always trying to do our best for our children, so when it comes to their development we make sure to do everything we can to help them along. I don’t know about you, but as a mom I’m […]

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