Baby brain development at 18 months can be nurtured with Montessori toys.

15 Simple Sensory Activities that Teach Mindfulness

Activities with Montessori toys to make learning a fun experience for your little ones The toddler stage is probably one of the most exciting stages in childhood. Your child is now in full control of his body, getting a better grip on his speech and becoming more aware of his emotions. He is also super […]

Boys enjoys play silk too.

7 Mindfulness Activities For Kids to Learn About Race and Inclusivity

Discover mindfulness activities for kids to teach kindness and inclusion As a mom, I feel proud whenever people compliment my children for being smart, witty and talented. But if there’s anything that’s as important to me than making sure they’re happy, healthy and safe, it’s raising them to be kind and compassionate individuals.  With all […]

Play Silk Wooden Block Set

Top 4 reasons why kids should start practicing mindfulness NOW

Introducing easy and simple mindfulness activities for kids that work We can all agree that, as parents, happiness is all that we wish for our kids bringing them into this world. But, life often comes with its challenges. It is important to bring up kids to become well-balanced adults by teaching them how to handle […]

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