10 Activities that optimize the growth of your 12 month old baby

Recent research on 12 week old baby milestones and which activities and baby sensory toys promote optimal motor, language, and social skills. Before choosing Montessori baby toys for your infant, find out what new studies have to say about nurturing your baby’s brain. This is it, mommas!  The beginning of the golden period of adorable […]

Kitchen Play

9 Unexpected Benefits of Unstructured Kitchen Play

Know how to maximize the benefits of kitchen play for kids with simple ideas On her 1st birthday, my daughter got her first set of kitchen toys. Her face lit up as she opened a big bag filled with pretend wooden scoops, cups and saucers, pretend food … It was a complete set. Meanwhile, I […]

Boys enjoys play silk too.

7 Mindfulness Activities For Kids to Learn About Race and Inclusivity

Discover mindfulness activities for kids to teach kindness and inclusion As a mom, I feel proud whenever people compliment my children for being smart, witty and talented. But if there’s anything that’s as important to me than making sure they’re happy, healthy and safe, it’s raising them to be kind and compassionate individuals.  With all […]

Kitchen play are messy yet fun

10 Easy Activities to Improve Babies’ Fine Motor Skills

Find out how you can fire up baby brain development using Montessori toys I remember being pregnant with my firstborn. I would take all the prescribed vitamins, read aloud to my growing belly and listen to classical music, all to ensure that my baby’s brain inside me is developing well. Fast forward to several years […]

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