Why open-ended toys are critical to their brain and emotional development

Why open-ended toys are critical to their brain and emotional development

How Open-Ended Toys Help with Fine Motor Skills and Mindfulness

Child development and mindfulness are some of the driving forces behind Montessori’s teachings. Studies have found that certain types of play promote fine motor skills and mindfulness. At every step of your child’s development, it’s important to encourage play that helps your child develop. Below are eight ways Montessori toys can help with fine motor skills and mindfulness.

  1. Montessori toys help children develop fine motor skills needed for daily living.

Our Rainbow Board Matching and Sorting Set is an open-ended toy that encourages fine motor skills in young children. Children are encouraged to use tongs to move small felt balls, giving them the fine motor skills they need to feed themselves, button clothing, write and draw.

  1. Advanced fine motor skills and coordination.

Children need to continually develop their fine motor skills and coordination. Montessori toys like our Kitchen Jumbo Kit build on your child’s fine motor skills, especially when used with small items like colored rice or beans.

Sorting games allow your child to build coordination. The earlier coordination is developed, the better.

  1. Open-ended toys encourage creative play and multitasking.

Some studies found that an hour of active play each day can help a child develop creative thinking and multitasking skills. This is an important part of their development since creative thinking will help them solve problems they encounter down the road.

Open-ended toys allow children to use their imagination to play. Since these toys can be used in hundreds of ways, children can develop creative skills that will serve them as they grow.

  1. Creative play helps children self-regulate.

One study found that pretend play teaches children how to self-regulate, an important life skill. Montessori toys offer creative stimulation and nurture mindfulness. This is great to help children cope with stressors and develop emotionally healthy habits.

  1. Open-ended toys cause children to become more creative.

Open-ended toys like wooden blocks, balls, crayons and household objects are great for encouraging creativity in your child. Those items (and our full selection of Montessori toys) encourage creativity. While parents may suggest activities, these toys foster child-led creative play, which is great for their development.

As a bonus, it helps children to be satisfied with fewer toys. When they get into the habit of engaging in creative play, they don’t need many toys to stay entertained!

  1. Montessori toys help with language development.

When children play with open-ended toys, they often speak to paint a picture of the scenario they’re acting out in their minds. This allows children to develop a stronger vocabulary, which gives them more comfort when speaking to others. Electronic toys often don’t encourage speaking, making them less helpful for your child’s language development.

  1. Open-ended toys encourage interpersonal skills.

When children engage in creative play together, they build interpersonal skills. They learn to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and share with others. Creative play with open-ended toys encourages children to engage in creative thinking together, making it a powerful tool for developing a child’s interpersonal skills.

  1. Montessori toys encourage children to live in the moment.

Mindfulness is one of the key benefits associated with Montessori toys. When children engage in sensory play, they’re able to connect their bodies and minds. This allows them to fully live into each moment and experience life to the fullest.

All too often, digital and electronic toys don’t help children foster mindfulness. Montessori toys, on the other hand, help children engage in mindful and creative play.


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