Support AAPI Hate and NAPAWF

Support AAPI Hate and NAPAWF

Such tumultuous times the world is in

Opens doors for lessons to be taught

When children are young and open-minded

They accept each other without second thoughts

Color, race, and disabilities matter not

Because they instinctively sense their similarities

They all like to play, to laugh, to imagine

True innocence in a world full of disparities

In this childlike acceptance of everyone

Lies a wisdom that is currently lacking in society

A common sense that has been long lost

Along with compassion, kindness, and empathy

Now is the time to bring about much needed change

The potential lives within your own children

Allow empathy to take root inside their hearts

Then nurture it into a flower of compassion

When teaching mindfulness of themselves

May it also become an acceptance of others 

For when whittled down to the nitty-gritty

Humanity is comprised of sisters and brothers

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